Accessibility Information for Subculture Space Alimus

Safer Space Principles 

Subculture space Alimus operates according to safer space principles, which you can find behind this link. If you encounter a problematic situation and need assistance, please ask the staff or event organizers for help. You can also contact or the event organizer later.


Subculture space Alimus is located near two metro stations, as well as bus and tram stops. 

There is about a 450m walk from Sörnäinen metro station to Subculture space Alimus, and about an 850m walk from Hakaniemi metro station. 

From Lintulahti tram stop, there’s a 240m walk, partly uphill. From Karhupuisto tram stop, the walk is mostly flat, covering 400m. 

From Haapaniemi bus stop, it’s a 280m walk, partly uphill.


Directly in front of Subculture space Alimus, you can park on the street with a car with a disabled parking permit. The parking spots are not clearly marked. 

There are some paid parking spots near Subculture space Alimus.

Accessible Entrance 

The only accessible entrance to the space is directly to the downstairs hall. The opening hours to the accessible entrance are announced on an event-by-event basis. You can ask the staff to open the accessible entrance from the main entrance. The shortest path to the accessible entrance involves a steep downhill, which can be accessed by car. A less steep route to the door goes around a longer distance. There is no button for opening the door. For more information about the accessible entrance, you can find it behind this link. If you need assistance or further information in addition to door opening, please contact


The toilets are gender-neutral. 

Subculture space Alimus complies with the Toilet card system. 

There is one accessible toilet in the downstairs hall at Alimus. The accessible toilet door does not have an opening button, the door is lightweight. There are supports on both sides of the toilet, as well as one fixed support in front of the toilet on the right side. There is no emergency call system in the toilet. For a more detailed list of factors affecting the accessibility of the toilet, you can find it behind this link. If you need assistance with opening the toilet door, please ask the staff for help.


There are several thresholds, steps, and stairs in the space, you can find a list of them behind this link. There is no accessible route to the upstairs, the only way there is stairs. 

There is no raised area in the event space. 

The height of the bar counter in the downstairs hall is 115cm, and there is no space underneath it. The card reader can be extended if needed. 

The number of seating varies depending on the event.

Sound and Lighting 

There is no induction loop available in the premises.

The lighting varies depending on the event, and the use of flashing lights is possible.


An assistant escort (1 person) accompanying a ticket holder can enter events free of charge, the companion does not need a separate ticket. Please inform the staff at the main entrance about the assistant. Guide and assistance dogs are welcome in the venue.

If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact us via email at 

You can also ask for additional information from the staff on-site. You can identify the staff by their shirts or caps with the Alimus logo, as well as by the name badges of the security personnel.

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