Accessibility information

Accessible entrance on the ground floor: 

  • The height of the door handle outside is 105cm. 
  • The height of the door handle inside is 100cm. 
  • The width of the doorway with one door open is 55cm, and with both doors open, the width is 109cm. 
  • The second door can only be opened from the inside, the doors are lightweight. 
  • There is a 4cm threshold when entering through the door. 
  • The narrowest point of the entrance corridor is 130cm. 
  • There is a 1cm threshold at the end of the ramp. 
  • When entering from the corridor and accessing the accessible restroom, one must pass through pillars; the distance between the pillars is 122cm.
Picture of a door.
Picture of a hallway with a ramp.

Accessible restroom: 

  • The height of the restroom door handle is 100cm. 
  • The door is lightweight. 
  • There is a 2cm threshold at the restroom door. 
  • Upon entering through the door, there is a space of 182cm from the door to the back wall. 
  • The light switch is at a height of 110cm. 
  • There is 75cm of space under the sink. 
  • The distance from the faucet to the edge of the sink is 39cm. 
  • There are movable supports next to the toilet, and there is one fixed support on the right side of the toilet. 
  • From the perspective of the toilet, there is 28cm of space on the right, 82cm on the left, and 53cm in front. 
  • The restroom has a handheld shower. 
  • The height of the lower edge of the mirror is 105cm.
Picture of an accessible bathroom.

Entrance to the upstairs area: 

  • Immediately upon entering the door, there are 4 steps, each 17cm high. 
  • When going to the upstairs bar, there are 3 steps, each 16cm high. 
  • After the stairs to the bar, there is a 17cm threshold. 
  • When entering the downstairs hall, there are 7 steps, each 17cm high, followed by a small landing, and then another 12 steps. 
  • After the stairs, there is a level with several benches. 
  • When entering the downstairs hall, there is an 8cm threshold, followed by another 15 steps down, each 13cm high.

Bar counters: 

  • The height of the upstairs bar counter is 99cm. 
  • The height of the downstairs bar counter is 115cm. 
  • There is no space under either counter, but the card reader can be extended if necessary.


  • High standing tables are 111cm high. 
  • Large tables are 65cm high. 
  • Small round tables are 69cm high. 
  • Small square tables are 74cm high.
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